The Old Whitgiftian Association has been restructured into The Whitgiftian Association and Whitgift Sports Club. Please use the links below to view the new web sites.


An Extraordinary General Meeting of the OWA was held at the Clubhouse on the evening of October 31st, 2011 to discuss and vote on the re-structuring of the OWA. Approximately fifty people attended, leading to a lively and useful exchange of views, questions and answers prior to the vote. The meeting was chaired by OWA President, Pip Burley.

In summary, the proposal put before the meeting was that the current Unincorporated Members' Club known as the Old Whitgiftian Association be replaced by a tripartite structure comprising a new holding company, The OWA Trust Ltd, registered as a charity, and two subsidiary bodies, the Whitgiftian Association and the Whitgift Sports Club Ltd. These subsidiaries will act as the operating arms of The OWA Trust Ltd in organizing the activities of (a) the Alumni Association of Whitgift School and (b) the use of the clubhouse and grounds at Croham Road for sporting and social activities.

The three resolutions, contained in an explanatory White Paper despatched to the entire registered membership of the OWA prior to the EGM, sought the approval of the Membership for the re-structure, as well as enabling the Main Committee to proceed with the necessary legal and constitutional work required to establish the new bodies and the subsequent transfer of assets.The votes cast at the EGM saw a large majority in favour of the resolutions, reflected by the votes from non-attendees sent in by post, e-mail and proxy.

Click here to see the full Minutes of this meeting.

Full proposals were brought to the Annual General Meeting in July, 2012 and approved. Click here to see the Minutes of this meeting.

Further background information is available in the Consultation Paper.